Antoine Loison

Antoine is a co-founder of Aglaé Ventures.

For more than a decade, Antoine has been an active investor at Groupe Arnault with a focus on asset light businesses. His track record includes investments in Slack, Airbnb, Viagogo, Spotify and Back Market. Antoine was the first investor in Tediber and Diplomeo.

Antoine graduated from HEC in 2001.

Cyril Guenoun

Cyril is a co-founder of Aglaé Ventures.

Previously, Cyril was the founder and CEO of Veoprint, a leading online provider of printing solutions to French SMBs that was acquired by Fiducial in 2012. From 2012 to 2016, he has been in charge of Veoprint’s integration and advised Fiducial in various matters.

Cyril is particularly interested in Marketplaces, SaaS and Media business models. He has been an early stage investor in Education, Lifestyle, Design, Sport industry, and e-commerce solutions.

Cyril graduated from HEC in 2000.